Trouble with Constipation? Gas? bloating? or any  digestive issues? Relax with AADAR's Relax & Relax pro. A relief like never before with Ayurveda's magic. The formula for your almost any stomach problems.
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AADAR Ayurveda Relax Pro Capsule (Constipation & Gastric Relief)
(60 Capsules)

Want to get ride for constipation fast? Reduce bloating? Don't push your system, reach out for Re-Lax PRO capsules. These Ayurvedic pills are safe to consume daily and have a...
Rs. 360.00 Rs. 230.00

AADAR Ayurveda Relax Capsule (Constipation Relief)
(60 Capsules)

Constipation is a common problem for men. There are a number of reasons for constipation, including diet, dehydration and stress. A good way to trigger the  constipation relief that leads...
Rs. 288.00 Rs. 204.00

AADAR Ayurveda Re-lax Powder for Constipation Relief
(2 x 90 g)

Life is busy and health is a luxury, so most people resort to laxatives for relief. But these come with a lot of side effects that can upset your stomach....
Rs. 288.00 Rs. 201.00

AADAR Ayurveda Body Detox Combo Pack
(2 x 60 Capsules)

Aim for improved health & better functioning with AADAR's ayurveda Detox Pack. It is a concoction of various natural ingredients that help you manage a healthy body profile and keep...
Rs. 399.00

AADAR Old is Gold Combo Pack
(2 x 60 Capsules + 1 x 100 ml)

With the fast-paced lifestyle, we face problems daily that are either ignored or difficult to find the perfect solution. AADAR's Old is Gold Combo is the ultimate health & wellness...
Rs. 1,080.00 Rs. 899.00