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Unlock the goodness of Ayurveda backed by science

AADAR is a digital holistic wellness platform for men that brings together ancient wisdom in the form of Ayurveda to the customers of today using technologies of the future. It brings together science-backed solutions made from natural and handpicked ingredients which focus on overall men’s health through easy-to-consume products and services.

An unapologetic space for men to discuss things openly

An ambitious attempt to promote Ayurveda and make it more available to men and everyone around them, globally. We aim to become a holistic platform availing information and discussions for men who want to use and benefit from Ayurveda. A place where a man can talk or learn about issues without judgement, shame or embarrassment.

Why Ayurveda?

It all started decades ago when, Aadil Shah, Founder of AADAR, experienced Ayurveda in its truest sense to treat himself on certain health concerns. This incident from his grandmother who used Ayurvedic formulations to treat daily issues in their family like indigestion, blood sugar, etc. led him to discovering Ayurveda in its true essence he started seeing these formulations in a new light and started on the journey towards bringing these solutions to the modern lifestyle. AADAR was then established in late 2018. Backed by strong research and scientific validation, today each product of AADAR is formulated based on the principles of Ayurveda. AADAR aims to create a digital Ayurvedic platform for men to provide the necessary consultation and inculcate Ayurveda in their lifestyle and everyone around them.

The word Ayurveda has been derived from two words – "Ayur" and "Veda" that together mean "the science of life." Ayurveda is a complete system of Indian medication for the physical, mental and spiritual well being. There are 3 types of dosha in Ayurveda. These are Kapha (Earth), Pitta (Fire), and Vata (Wind). People's body tends to be dominated by one of them. And every medicine at AADAR is geared towards bringing one of these forces into harmony in the body.


Inspired by women around us who are continuously making things better for themselves, for their families, and for those around them. We're proud that our manufacturing is 100% done by women. We believe that empowering women and providing employment opportunities to women is the best way to promote and make a difference in our community.

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