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  Dry skin, in Ayurvedic science, is seen to occur as a result of imbalance in Vata Dosha which represents the characteristics of air and space elements. Due to aggravation of Vata, the blood circulation is affected, leading to drying up of arteries, capillaries, and nerves. Other symptoms of Vata...

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  With seasonal changes and the threat of coronavirus looming over our heads, the only saving grace of our life now is building a strong immune system. And this is where Ayurvedic concoctions, also known as Kadha come to our rescue.  Kadha is known to be of various types based...

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  With daily exposure to heat, pollution, and humidity, our skin tends to exhibit the usual dull texture that our skin has now become used to - only that we struggle to accept the same and keep on trying new skin products every now and then. But what do we...

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