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AADAR is an ode to Ayurveda. To simpler times. To the keepers of wellness. Packed with the goodness of nutrition, and powered by the science that goes back 6000 years, AADAR is committed to offer you the true value of Ayurveda, and not just its essence. Every pack of AADAR is obviously natural and cruelty free. So it’s inherently full of good, leaving you with absolutely no side effects. And allowing you to cope with the pressures of modern lifestyle, without breaking a sweat. Just like old times. Here’s some good old ayurveda. Some good old habits. 

We at AADAR are disrupting the traditionally led industry with the goal of inducing Ayurveda in the lifestyle of anyone in need. We have used the years old knowledge and combined it modern day lifestyle requirements to come up with the best working all-natural products for various lifestyle issues such as blood sugar, constipation, obesity, stress and sleep.