It is easy to forget about cleanliness when you are in the moment but you should concentrate on it before, during and after sexual intercourse. It is of utmost importance that both the male and female who are involved in sexual intercourse should maintain some kind of extra precautions when...

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Diabetes poses a major health problem globally and is one of the top five leading causes of death in most developed countries. A substantial body of evidence suggests that it could reach epidemic proportions particularly in developing and newly industrialized countries. Indeed, by the year 2025, three-quarters of the world’s...

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In Āyurveda, Ojas (ओजस्) holds the important position. It is mentioned as the essence of all the dhātus emanating after śukra. It is neither dhātu nor upadhātu but has an independent position. Ojas is a Sanskrit term meaning "vigor," and it is best understood as essential energy for the body and mind. As per Yogapedia, according to...

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