Ayurveda Does Not Permit Combination Of Milk With Most Of The Fruits+

Do you enjoy milkshakes? Thinking there can't be a healthier cocktail than the goodness of freshly cut fruits combined with the ever so nutritious milk? Think about it again. It turns out that combining these two healthy foods isn't always a good idea. In fact, it is best not to...

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Today, September 2nd is World Coconut Day. This day emphasizes the importance of coconuts in our daily lives and how beneficial they are to our health. Coconuts are among the world's most popular and versatile fruits. Coconuts are used before every auspicious occasion in India, and their water is regarded...

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                                                                CONSUMING MILK ACCORDING TO AYURVEDA+

Milk, according to Ayurveda, provides special and unique nutrition that cannot be obtained from any other food. Milk, when properly digested, nourishes all tissues, promotes balanced emotions, and aids in the balance of all doshas. According to Ayurveda, it brings strength, immunity, and satisfaction. As a result, milk is an...

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