Every pack of AADAR is obviously natural and cruelty-free. So it’s inherently full of good, leaving you with absolutely no side effects. And allowing you to cope with the pressures of modern lifestyle, without breaking a sweat. Just like old times. Here’s some good old Ayurveda. Here’s some good old habits.

Every ingredient that goes into our Ayurvedic products is carefully picked and sourced from various regions across India. That’s how Ayurveda is. The more natural the ingredient, the better it works.

Presence of toxic heavy metals acquired from soil sometimes pose serious health risks. To ensure safety from these harmful metals such as Arsenic, Cadmium, Lead & Mercury, we test all of our products for their presence beforehand. This way, only the best is assured to reach you.

AADAR is full of the rich ancient traditions of Ayurveda. However, every batch of our products goes through rigorous clinical testing and analysis, to ensure it works, like old times.

AADAR puts every product through Food and Drug Control Administration approval. Ayurveda works. And not only has it stood the test of time, but of the various clinical authorities too.