Encircling Wellness with Rewards

Join our exclusive membership program, and get premium rewards to boost your health including access to professional health consultation, unbelievable discounts, referral-incentives, DIY workshops, and more.

Exclusive Health Rewards

Health Consultation

Upto 15 minutes every month with reputed Ayurvedic doctors for health consultation.

Loyalty Points

An additional 5% cashback credited to your wallet on every purchase at AADAR Store.

Premium Discounts

Exclusive discount of upto 10% on AADAR Store.

Special Rewards

Play fun games to grab premium deals including Buy 1 Get 1, Spinning Discount Wheel, and more with fun games.

Wellness Workshops

Get access to wellness workshops hosted by the best in Ayurveda and fitness with interesting DIYs.

Referral Rewards

For every successful referral, you get exclusive incentive.

How to Join AADAR Circle

You can join AADAR Circle, our exclusive membership program, by purchasing a one time membership plan for Rs.99. You can also get the membership for free if you make a purchase of Rs. 1000 and above at AADAR Store. You can further opt for a AADAR Circle Prime or AADAR Circle Elite membership depending on your preference of services with additional charges.


Who Can Join AADAR Circle?

AADAR Patrons Who Have Shopped With Us Regularly

Any One Who Chooses To Opt For AADAR Circle


Keep visiting your AADAR Circle profile and you will get new chances to earn reward points by grabbing new deals, playing fun health games or simply staying fit. You can redeem the reward points for exciting cashbacks to be redeemed at AADAR Store.

All your reward points will be added to your AADAR Circle wallet. The higher your reward points you see, the better your health is going to be.

The reward points once spent are not refundable on redemption with any other offer. But hey, you get a chance to win new reward points on every step of your journey towards better health.

You can track all transactions of your wallet by monitoring the "Account" tab on your AADAR Circle profile.

Your wallet is integrated to your profile on AADAR Store. Hence, when you pay for your health purchases, you will automatically see an option to checkout with a partial or full payment with your cashback deposited in the wallet.

Never. You health rewards are yours until you choose to spend them on getting more healthy. Your cashback never expires.

With Elite membership, you get a free access to every event and workshop that is hosted on AADAR Circle. Upon the expiry of you Elite membership plan under AADAR Circle, the events, workshops, and consultation become a paid service that can be accessed once you renew your membership.

Your access to health is unconditionally available 24/7. Your health is our priority too, not just yours.

Currently, you are requested to fill up a form under "Consult a Doctor" and our team will reserve a personalised slot for you. Later on, you will be able to book a slot from the panel only.