Your Performance Matter Than SIZE

The size of the male reproductive system has long been a source of contention. This debate cannot be resolved because two schools of thought exist, each with its own perspective on the subject. One group of women/homosexual men believes that a man's technique is more important than his size, which...

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                                                   SEXUAL WELL-BEING AYURVEDIC ADVICE


Sexual energy and interaction are regarded as one of The Three Pillars of Health in Ayurveda. Our sexual energy is critical to comprehend, and the following are some key strategies for making the most of your love life, both in terms of enjoyment and health. Sex and our behavior around...

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                                                         HOW AYURVEDA CAN HELP YOU KICK OUT YOUR STRESS

What exactly is stress? We are sure you all will agree that stress is undeniably indefinable. Stress can be defined as a psycho-physiological response within the body to a physical, emotional, or environmental stimulus. The Ayurvedic approach to stress and the majority of health issues is based on an imbalance...

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