by Harsh Shah on Nov 17, 2022


As we approach the end of November, it's likely that some people will be paying close attention to their calendars. Anyone who has participated in No Nut November has gone the entire month without ejaculating. People do this for a variety of reasons, but is it safe?

Every month, social media introduces a new trend that quickly fades. No Nut November (NNN) and No Shave November are two social media trends that return every November. While the latter is a simpler trend to adopt, the former is a difficult nut to crack (Pun Intended!).

Every year on November 1st, thousands of men begin a countdown to see how long they can go without nutting or orgasming. The trend gained popularity around 2011 when the Reddit subreddit No Fap became popular for assisting guys in recovering from their addiction to porn and masturbation.

It's become an annual tradition that has turned toxic over the years, as men see this movement and orgasms as a sign of weakness. Along with the NoFap, another subreddit called No Nut November has a community of men who are participating in the challenge and encouraging one another to keep going with tips, tricks, and honorary badges.

Here are four reasons why No Nut November is doing more harm than good and is not a good trend to follow:

  1. No Real Health Advantages

The movement may benefit those who are addicted to porn, but those who simply follow the trend for the sake of following it may not benefit much. While both subreddits contain posts from people who claim to have increased their energy confidence and energy levels by not ejaculating for a short period of time, none of it is supported by medical research. Much of it could also be due to the placebo effect, as men encourage each other to persevere and complete the challenge.

  1. Sex and Pleasure Perception

Sex and masturbation are more than just a mean to an end. It's a way to appreciate both your own and your partner's bodies. Several posts and comments on NNN discuss masturbation as something only weaklings fall for. They are viewed as losers because they abandoned the challenge and lacked self-control. To say the least, the conversation surrounding this is strange and degrading.

  1. Orgasms Are Considered Negative

While there is no scientific evidence that No Nut November is beneficial to men's health, there is plenty of research on the health benefits of masturbation and ejaculation. It can reduce the risk of prostate cancer and improve men's mood. Orgasms are portrayed throughout No Nut November as men failing to control themselves rather than enjoying sexual pleasure. Such self-indulgent attitudes can lead to poor sexual health later in life.

  1. NNN Participants Real-World Threats

No Nut November isn't just a silly challenge or an excuse to shit post funny memes and ads on social media. In 2018, the movement became violent when ardent supporters threatened to kill those working in the adult industry. 'Death to Pornographers' became a toxic online trend, spreading vitriol against pornographers for enticing men to masturbate.

AADAR has always concluded the fact that the myth that masturbation reduces performance in sporting events is also unfounded in science. If abstaining from masturbation helps men have more clarity and they're not bothered and they feel great, then that's fine. But if you're having problems, there's no point in torturing yourself just because someone told you to.

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Do you still believe it's a trend worth following? Let us know in the comments!

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