by Harsh Shah on Dec 07, 2022


The size of the male reproductive system has long been a source of contention. This debate cannot be resolved because two schools of thought exist, each with its own perspective on the subject. One group of women/homosexual men believes that a man's technique is more important than his size, which takes both length and girth into account. The other group of people believes that size is critical for an enjoyable and satisfying intercourse 

Let's face it, this question has plagued every man's mind for decades and decades: does she prefer girth or length? In either case, the end result is a woman who is deeply satisfied and happy. But, once again, why and what do women prefer? Another question to consider is whether or not a woman considers either of these two. It is obvious that a woman has preferences, but how she prefers a particular thing is what men need to know!

After all, who would want to abandon a dissatisfied lover in bed? Problems in bed, believe it or not, can destroy even the happiest of relationships! For years, men have been debating whether they should have an above-average length or an above-average girth. Now is the time for you to get out of your misery and finally get an answer because we have discovered a legitimate scientific answer to the Holy Grail question. Continue reading below to discover the ultimate preference of women in terms of. 

After decades of research and studies on the sexual psychology of women and the health of men, we have come to the conclusion that girth always takes precedence over length. Eight out of ten women would prefer a man with a thicker penis to a man with a longer but thinner penis. What's more, guess what? This answer is based on scientific logic and has to do with a woman's desire.

Because the vagina of a woman is shallow by nature, a thicker penis is beneficial for stimulating the clitoris. Because the vagina is only 4 inches or less in girth, a penis with a thicker girth provides the most sexual stimulation to the partner and thus a good time! And it is natural for a woman to seek out a man with a thicker penis because he can promise her more impact and a good orgasm. This means that even if a man has a 10-inch penis if it doesn't have a thickness. 

However, as previously stated, no man can be perfect. Let's face it: as difficult as it is for a woman to have a perfect hourglass figure, it is even more difficult for a man to have a penis with perfect thickness and length! The answer to the long-asked question above may be good news for you or bad news for others. But the truth is that we don't mean to scare you with this answer, especially in this day and age of manipulation and medical advances!

I'm guessing most of you guys are thinking about pushing hard on your lenses to make them thicker, but we all know it's not possible! The best and most effective method is to use organic ayurvedic medicine. Because it's all about performance, and if you perform well no size counts are needed. 

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