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Many myths surround the safety and efficacy of birth control, which causes unnecessary fear and may discourage some people from using the most appropriate birth control for them.

People who want to avoid pregnancy have a variety of birth control options available to them, including pills, Intrauterine Devices (IUDs), condoms, and other barrier devices. There are numerous myths about contraception. However, if a woman douches after sex or is breastfeeding, she can still become pregnant. Other myths are examined.

A variety of birth control methods are highly effective in preventing pregnancy. There is also a lot of misinformation about birth control methods, as well as some that simply do not work. This blog examines the facts and myths surrounding various birth control methods.

The following are some common sex and contraception myths:

A Women Can't Get Pregnant Because She Is Breastfeeding

Breastfeeding may help prevent pregnancy if a woman is within six months of giving birth, hasn't had a menstrual cycle, and the baby is only fed breast milk. Breastfeeding must meet all three of these criteria in order to be an effective form of contraception. Ovulation can occur in any other situation, including when a woman is breastfeeding. If the nursing mother wants to avoid pregnancy, she should use birth control.

A Women Can't Get Pregnant Unless The Woman Has An Orgasm

Pregnancy occurs when a man's sperm fertilizes a woman's egg. While the man must ejaculate in order to release sperm, the woman does not need to have an orgasm in order to become pregnant. As part of her monthly menstrual cycle, a woman of childbearing age releases an egg. This happens whether the woman has sex or an orgasm.

If Women Douche After Sex, She Can't Get Pregnant

Douching is ineffective as a method of contraception. Sperm enter the cervix after ejaculation and are out of reach of any douching solution. Douching is also not advised because it can upset the delicate bacterial balance of the vagina, causing irritation or infection.

A Woman Doesn't Require Contraception Because If Had Sex During "Safe" Hours. As They Are Fertile Only Once A Month. 

Myths like these are most likely the result of a misunderstanding of the menstrual cycle. The menstrual cycle involves four major hormones and chemicals that stimulate or regulate the activity of cells or organs.

While a woman's cycle is more or less regular most of the time, this hormonal balance can be disrupted by a variety of factors such as age, stress, and medications. As a result, pinpointing the time of ovulation and predicting any "safe" days can be challenging. Couples who are successful with the rhythm method of contraception must carefully monitor the women's menstrual cycles and evaluate ovulation symptoms, as well as any external factors.

If Women Have Sex Standing Up Or Woman Is On Top, I Won't Get Pregnant

Some people believe that having sex while standing up will force the sperm out of the woman's vagina. In reality, sex positions have nothing to do with whether or not fertilization occurs. When a man ejaculates, sperm is deposited deep within the vagina. By nature, the sperm will begin to move up through the cervical canal immediately after ejaculation.

If Partner Pulls Out Before Ejaculating, She Will Not Become Pregnant.

Withdrawal, or pulling out before the man ejaculates, is not an effective method of contraception. Some ejaculate, sperm-containing fluid may be released before the man begins to climax. Furthermore, some men may lack the willpower or ability to withdraw in a timely manner. If 100 women use the withdrawal method for pregnancy prevention each year, approximately 22 will become pregnant unintentionally.

Women Will Not Become Pregnant Because It's Her First Experience With Sex

Even if you've never had sex before, a woman can become pregnant at any time ovulation occurs.

The Pill Works Immediately After Consumed

In most women, the hormones in the pill oral contraceptive need at least one week to work with the woman's natural hormones to prevent ovulation. The pill must be taken exactly as directed in order to be effective.

It is critical to obtain accurate contraceptive information. The best way to obtain accurate information is to use a medical resource from a government website, an international health organization, or a hospital website. 

Discuss your concerns about the use of any contraceptive method with your OB/GYN. Not every method is suitable for everyone and making an informed decision aids in determining the best fit for you and your partner. 

Many of the myths surrounding the birth control pill do not apply to everyone. Each of us is unique, and only you and your doctor can decide if the pill is right for you. Make sure to ask your doctor any questions you have and to discuss any concerns you have.

In The End

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