Ashwagandha - The proven king of strength

by Dr. Diksha Tiwari on Jun 04, 2021

Ashwagandha - The proven king of strength
Ashwagandha viz. Withania somnifera is a perennial shrub found abundantly throughout India. As the name implies, its roots have the smell of horse and thus, called as Ashwa (Horse) - Gandha (related to smell).

This is one powerful herb of Indian subcontinent which is equivalent to the very famous globally acclaimed Chinese Ginseng.

The main phytochemicals of therapeutic value are alkaloids and withanoloides in this herb. It has a very unique property of not increasing obesity/ fat tissue and helping in enhancing the muscle mass specifically, along with ability of body to use more oxygen during exercise. It has been found to increase testosterone, decrease serum cortisol and LDL cholesterol in research studies.

From ayurveda point of view, it is known to have the properties of Rasayana and Balya (Rejuvenating and strengthening) by Karma (Effect) and Usna (Hot) by Virya (Nature). It also pacifies the diseases caused by the vitiation of Vaata and Kapha Doshas.

The dried mature roots of Ashwagandha are primarily utilised as its medicinal entity.

It has been used since centuries as the source of rejuvenation, stress relief and strength. Traditionally there have been many tried and tested methods for healing, but one of the classical methods included fine grinding of the roots and blending with cow ghee followed by storage in a ceramic or glass jar. It was to be consumed with hot milk or hot water. Consumption in this method brought about vigour, muscular strength and stamina along with better digestion.

In our product `Power build’ ,we club the properties of Ashwagandha with other adaptogenic and strength imparting herbs such as shatavari, gokhru and pippali for faster absorption and effective assimilation in the body. This will not just keep your stress at bay, but become the best companion for your fitness goals!

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