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Erectile dysfunction is the inability to achieve or maintain a satisfactory erection for sexual intercourse. The majority of erectile dysfunction is caused by vascular, neurologic, psychological, and hormonal disorders; however, drug use can also be a factor. Screening for underlying disorders and measuring testosterone levels are common components of the evaluation. Oral phosphodiesterase inhibitors, intraurethral or intra cavernously prostaglandins, vacuum erection devices, and surgical implants are all treatment options.

Erectile dysfunction (ED) is classified into two types:

  • Due to primary ED, the man has never been able to achieve or maintain an erection.
  • Secondary ED, acquired later in life by a man who could previously achieve erections.

- Primary ED is uncommon and almost always the result of psychologic or clinically obvious anatomic abnormalities.

- Secondary ED is more common, with an organic etiology in more than 90% of cases. Many men with secondary ED develop reactive psychologic issues, which exacerbate the situation.

In every case of ED, psychological factors, whether primary or reactive, must be considered. Guilt, fear of intimacy, depression, or anxiety are all psychological causes of primary ED. Causes in secondary ED may be related to performance anxiety, stress, or depression. Situational ED may be caused by a specific location, time, or partner.

In one of our previous blogs, TREATING ERECTILE DYSFUNCTION: ALLOPATHY VS AYURVEDA: WHICH IS BETTER? where we discussed which type of treatment for ED Ayurvedic Vs Allopathy is good comparatively and why.

Let us now go over all of the factors to consider when selecting any type of treatment for erectile dysfunction.

Important factors to consider before deciding on the best Erectile Dysfunction Treatment option for you.

The following factors will assist you in making an informed decision about the best treatment options for you.

These are the considerations that will undoubtedly cross your mind at some point. As a result, it is preferable to think about these factors ahead of time before making any decisions.

  1. Sustainability (Short Term vs Long Term Results): You should understand whether the results of treatment or medicine will be temporary, short-lived, or have a long-term effect. There are a few effective products/medications that range from 1 time to 1 month to a few months to a few years.

What matters most is that you understand which treatment option will be effective for how many days, months, or years.

Most people believe that long-term effects are preferable.

  1. Waiting Time For Results: One of the most important parameters in ED treatment is waiting time. Some options yield results in a matter of hours, while others yield results in months.

People typically want quick results as long as there are no side effects and the results are comparable. This is another factor, like cost, that should be considered along with the results before deciding on any option.

  1. Natural Feeling Vs. Artificial Feeling: Anything that does not provide a natural feeling before and during sex is typically avoided. Any treatment option that provides a natural feeling is preferable, as sexual intercourse is a combination of emotional and physical activity that provides the necessary satisfaction.

Condoms are another good example. Few men attempt to avoid it due to a lack of natural feelings.

  1. Side Effects: One of the factors to consider before deciding on a treatment option is the possibility of side effects. Anything - products/medicine/therapy that has a high probability of causing greater harm to the body in the short or long term should be avoided.
  1. Cost: The cost of treatment is an important factor to consider. People tend to avoid anything expensive and unaffordable.

However, few people believe that results are more important than cost. However, what fits your budget and meets your needs is strongly advised.

  1. Treatment Dependence: Any product, medicine, therapy begins to make your sexual life dependent on them. Slowly and gradually, you will realize that you cannot perform without them.

People generally avoid products that have the potential to make them dependent.

These products are similar to an addiction. You start with substances for temporary pleasure and then become addicted to them.

  1. Ease Of Use: Another factor to consider is how simple or difficult the product/medicine/treatment option is to use. Pills and medicines are generally regarded as simple to use, whereas devices that must be used just before sex are regarded as a disruption in the flow.

Wearing a condom is sometimes considered a disruption in the flow.

In The End:

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