How ayurveda helps boost immunity

by Dr. Diksha Tiwari on Mar 28, 2020

How ayurveda helps boost immunity

Ayurveda which originated from the Vedic culture of India is more than 5000 years old and helps people to stay healthy. Boosting your immune system can be achieved through the ayurvedic path. According to Ayurveda, winter is considered to be the most appropriate season for Immunity Strengthening but we can try to improve immunity at any given point of time in the year. In Ayurveda, the intelligence of our system is known as ‘Ojas’. It is defined as the vital energy fixed in our Heart Chakra. Whenever a person feels low or gets weaker it is the sign that the Ojas in the body has been affected. If a person’s Ojas level is affected, one can be vulnerable to various kinds of infection, illnesses & other health issues.

According to Ayurveda, emotions also play a vital role in maintaining the Ojas level of one’s body. Emotions such as hatred, anger, worry, guilt, fatigue & hunger affect your Ojas levels and might decrease the same.

In fact, the weakening of the immune system can be caused by various emotional variations, psychological tension, overuse of antibiotics & unhealthy living are a few more factors that also work towards decreasing your immunity. Good health is a sign that our immune system is working promisingly. One should avoid unhealthy food, especially with refined items, too much of spices or unhygienic stuff. Eating such a diet reduces the ability of cells to cope or fight with the viral infection. Low level of resistance or Ojas makes us directly vulnerable to various infections, allergies, fatigue & other ailments.

According to Ayurveda, the intelligence of our body to fight and communicate within cells is called “Tejas”.  If the intelligence of the body i.e Tejas gets disturbed due to the presence of few toxins, it gets blocked & can’t distinguish the cells in the body properly. Whichever food you choose should enhance Tejas. Also, exclude the diet or food which increases your Ama.

To stay immune & fit, infuse the Ayurvedic lifestyle in your regular life which will prevent you from illness and give you a long-lasting life.

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