4 Ayurvedic Tips To Aid Your Digestion in Monsoons

by Dr. Diksha Tiwari on Jun 20, 2020

4 Ayurvedic Tips To Aid Your Digestion in Monsoons

 Now that monsoon winds are knocking on our doors, our body tends to experience changes leading to a few uncomfortable lifestyle problems and uneasy body and bowel movements. Truth be told, an unhealthy bowel movement can lead to a terrible day and therefore a frustrating life. So, we are here with some Ayurvedic tips and tricks to help you be relieved from all your bowel problems with a tinge of monsoon edition.

1. Start Your Day With Copper Infused Water

Our busy lifestyles leave little time for ourselves and subsequently, we often forget to take little steps of self-care every day. For such busy days and regular days, we always recommend you to replenish your hydration before you start your day. Intake of water can even help your metabolism if it is stored in a copper vessel overnight and then consumed in the following morning. Copper has always been an essential metal prescribed by Ayurvedic practitioners as it helps balance the natural elements in your body and lets all the accumulated toxic dissolve in the body waste to be excreted later. 

2. Practice Yoga Asanas Daily to Naturally Clear Your Digestive Tubes

A healthy body always requires a regular exercise regime to maintain its flexibility and functional body systems. Suitable yoga poses like Balasana, Dhanurasana, and Baddha Konasana helps your digestive system to stay in shape and avoid constipation by a physical process. Having a daily yoga routine will not help with your body’s physical health but will also repair and boost your bowel system like never before.

3. Hook Yourself on Herbal Beverages Throughout A Busy Day

Herbal beverages are so underrated in the rush of caffeine and tannins which tends to fill your body with toxic elements while giving you a momentary feeling of replenished energy in your body. Such beverages tend to make you feel full but actually tamper with your digestive system. We highly suggest you to replace those with herbal teas curated with natural herbs and ayurvedic formulas to help boost your metabolism and energy levels whenever you feel it drooping to an unproductive low to avoid caffeine. Topping the other benefits of an herbal tea is that it’s easy to make and can easily be customized according to your preferences of ingredients.

4. Consume Seasonal Fruits And A Balanced Diet

Ayurveda has always been a good lifestyle guide to begin with. Since your body can take time to adapt to the weather changes outside, consuming seasonal fruits and vegetables always help your body accelerate the process of adaptation. To avoid a change in bowel movement during monsoons, we advise you to stock the seasonal fruits and include seasonal green vegetables in your diet. A balanced diet not only helps your body to overcome deficiencies, it also helps you to lead a natural lifestyle in sync with nature.

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