Ayurveda, which translates as "The Science of Life," is based on three principles known as doshas, which are thought to be responsible for an individual's mental and physical well-being. When undergoing an Ayurvedic consultation a series of questions designed to determine a person's body type and mental state, an individual usually resonates with one dosha more than the other. Ayurveda encourages dosha-specific foods, movement, and meditation to balance out the imbalanced dosha and prevent illness and disease.

Despite previously claimed generalized public health guidelines and diets that worked for "Everyone," modern science has demonstrated a personalized approach to nutrition. Multiple studies have found genetic variation in dietary response and nutrient-gene interaction. In addition to modern time research, microbiome studies have demonstrated the importance of an individual's gut microbiota for fitness and overall health. 

One of the findings was that people who ate 30 or more different plant-based foods per week had more diverse gut microbes than those who ate 10 or fewer, which correlated with overall health. However, the concept of a "Personalized Approach" is not new. Around 5000 years ago, the Vedics introduced an alternative medicine system known as 'Ayurveda' in India, which was largely based on the concept of 'personalized nutrition.'


Ayurvedic practices encourage eating high-fiber, whole-food plant-based foods, which we now know are essential for a healthy microbiome. For example, typical Ayurvedic food recommendations for someone who is predominantly Vata would be to eat warm, sweet, well-cooked whole foods like beetroots, carrots, sweet potatoes, and bananas, among others. This is done to counteract Vata dosha's qualities of dryness, roughness, coldness, and sourness.

The Vedics may not have had the science to explain why eating a fiber-rich diet improved their overall health, but microbiome studies have shown that Ayurveda was a concept ahead of its time.

In light of the COVID - 19 pandemic and the resulting demands on global healthcare systems, discussions among healthcare leaders about the benefits of Ayurveda have increased significantly by the World Health Organisation. One of the most important advantages recognized was Ayurveda's emphasis on disease prevention. Modern science is undergoing a paradigm shift away from symptomology the treatment of illness with drugs or surgery and toward a more holistic approach. 

It is critical to recognize that some medical conditions will necessitate surgical or drug-based treatment for symptoms to improve. While Ayurveda can be beneficial when used in conjunction with standard, conventional medical care, it should not be used in place of standard, conventional medical care, especially when treating serious conditions.

Ayurveda has long promoted a holistic approach to health, and recent research has brought western medicine up to speed. Ayurveda has traditionally been a practice practiced in the East, but the validity of its concepts has been demonstrated through science, and it is gradually becoming more integrated into Western medicine to proactively prevent illness and maintain overall well-being.

Cooking is one of our favorite ways to incorporate Ayurveda into our lives at Be Well. Incorporating a love of home-cooked, nutritious, wholesome, and flavorful foods into our diet to increase diversity, fiber, fruit, and vegetable consumption. Do you want to try a recipe?


AADAR is India's 1st Digital Ayurvedic Platform for Men that brings together ancient wisdom in the form of Ayurveda for today's consumers using new-age technologies. We bring together science-backed solutions made from natural and handpicked ingredients, focussing on overall men’s health through easy-to-consume products and services.

Along with establishing Ayurveda as a contemporary way of attaining the best of health, AADAR is also an ambitious attempt to promote Ayurveda and make it more available to men and everyone around them, globally. We aim to become a holistic platform availing information and discussions for men who want to use and benefit from Ayurveda. A place where a man can talk or learn about issues without judgment, shame or embarrassment.

We have Health Experts who can easily connect with you and discuss your sexual concerns. You can consult your family doctor first to get the most accurate diagnosis, or you can contact our Health Expert or connect with us at +919867667699.

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