Can AYURVEDA Help To Last Longer In Bed?

by Harsh Shah on Nov 03, 2022


Hello, readers. I hope everything is well with you. In our previous blog, we discussed HOW LONG DOES AN AVERAGE INDIAN MAN LAST IN BED. It was a contentious topic with many differing opinions and perspectives. Rather than losing sight of the timing mindset, we should concentrate on how we can improve our timing naturally without causing any harm.

SEX, like all other necessities, is essential in one's life. Sex is an activity that many people enjoy, and it has numerous advantages. It is the most natural form of relaxation and interpersonal connection. However, we are also aware of the issues that men can encounter while having sex. One of the most serious issues is low sex power, which leads to unsatisfied sex. Switching to Ayurvedic medicine to enhance sex power in men can help men who are struggling to satisfy their partners. Are you looking for the best ayurvedic medicine to help you stay in bed longer? This blog provides a comprehensive list of the best Ayurvedic medicines for increasing sex power in men.

Physical disorders that interfere with your intimate life can be embarrassing when they disrupt intimacy between you and your partner. To address such issues, modern treatment processes have evolved rapidly in recent years to provide the best results in the shortest amount of time.

However, these methods are rarely curative and instead mostly provide symptomatic relief. To achieve the best results, medication must be taken on a regular and consistent basis. Needless to say, when compared to Ayurvedic medicine, this is a time-consuming and resource-intensive alternative.

If you're having trouble performing and staying in bed, you might want to consider Ayurvedic remedies, which aim to get to the root of the problem and speed up recovery! Ayurveda suggests a number of herbs to help with performance issues and improve sexual activities.

Many products claim to increase sex power, but many are unsafe, ineffective, or have harmful side effects. In the case of Ayurvedic products, however, these sex pills are effective and dependable. They work to get to the root of the problem in order to treat your sexual performance issues quickly. So, let's take a look at some of the incredible magical Ayurvedic herbs that can help you improve your overall sexual game naturally.


Testosterone is a male sex hormone that is important for sexual health. Low levels of this hormone in the body can result in decreased sex drive, muscle mass loss, hair loss, and fatigue. Shilajit boosts sexual function by increasing testosterone levels. This ayurvedic herb is known for its rejuvenating properties, which aid in increasing energy levels, stamina, and sex drive.


Since the time of the Kama Sutra, men have used ashwagandha to improve their sex lives. The plant has been mentioned in one of the oldest texts on sexuality, and growing evidence in modern science suggests the same. Ashwagandha is both safe and effective. Here are five ways it can significantly improve men's sexual lives.


Safed Musli's aphrodisiac properties may aid in the treatment of erectile dysfunction. It increases sexual desire and helps to maintain an erection during intercourse. It also has spermatogenic properties that help boost male potency. This improves both sperm quality and sperm count.


Because of its aphrodisiac properties, Kaunch increases sexual desire as well as the quality and quantity of sperm. Kaunch beej powder boosts testosterone naturally. This is due to the presence of L-dopa, which stimulates the production of a gonadotropic hormone. Kaunch beej contains antioxidants, which help to reduce physiological stress and improve sperm quality. It has heavy properties and Vrushya (Aphrodisiac) properties that aid in the production and quantity of sperm. According to research, Kaunch beej improves sexual performance by delaying the time of ejaculation.


Gokshura churn is frequently used to improve the health of men. The churn has powerful spermatogenic properties that can help with Hypospermia (Low Sperm Volume), Asthenozoospermia (Sperm Motility), Oligospermia (Low Sperm Count), Teratozoospermia (Abnormal Sperm Shape), and Spermatogenesis (i.e. Sperm Production). Because it is a natural antioxidant, it increases testosterone and luteinizing hormone production. It is also employed in the treatment of erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation

AADAR wants its customers to be treated naturally, without the side effects of medications, and to be treated effectively for the long term. Extra Time by AADAR is a powerful and well-selling product that has treated and improved timing naturally in a significant way.

Along with the foregoing, what is essentially remedial in this case is to maintain a healthy lifestyle, eat a balanced diet, avoid alcohol and drugs, and exercise on a regular basis. Furthermore, a few 'asanas' in Yoga, such as 'Bhujangasana' and 'Paschimotasana,' improve circulation to the genital areas, allowing you to sleep longer!

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