Decode Your Skin Type According To Dosha

by Dr. Diksha Tiwari on Jul 14, 2020

Decode Your Skin Type According To Dosha

 With daily exposure to heat, pollution, and humidity, our skin tends to exhibit the usual dull texture that our skin has now become used to - only that we struggle to accept the same and keep on trying new skin products every now and then. But what do we actually look for in the skin products that we usually buy for our skin? 

Recent trends in the cosmetic industry show that people tend to buy more fairness products infused with few natural extracts without really reading the base ingredients - eventually leading to the consumers with different skin textures buying the same product without really being satisfied with the outcome. So how do we get to know our skin and choose the products accordingly?

Ayurveda’s Guide To Your Skin: Get To Know Your Dosha

Based on a few characteristics, Ayurveda enables you to get to know your skin better by diagnosing the imbalance of specific doshas in your body - namely, Vata, Pitta, and Kapha. 

Vata Skin - A combination of elements like air and space, a Vatta skin type generally tends to be dry textured with thin epidermis. The general characteristics may vary with a soothing, cool tone and can be easily hydrated with little retention of the same. 

Pitta Skin - This skin type is based on the element of fire and is very sensitive to the external environment. This sensitivity makes the skin prone to acne and tends to have more break-outs than any other skin type out there. It is generally warm to the touch and is extremely sensitive to spicy food and can be easily scarred.

Kapha Skin - Predominantly having the characteristics of elements like earth and water, this skin type is more resilient than any other skin type and tends to have more melanin to balance the sensitivity out. Kapha skin can exhibit high amounts of sweat, sebum, and grease while protecting the skin from sunburn and helps it recover faster than the rest.

Combination of Skin - A few skin textures tend to be a combination of the above dosha and the imbalance can be easily diagnosed by an Ayurvedic Practitioner. Based on your skin texture, you may have a combination of Vatta-Pitta imbalance which exhibits a dry and sensitive texture, or a Kapha-Pitta imbalance showing an oily and sensitive skin, while a Vata-Kapha imbalance can lead your skin to be a mix of dry and oily patches. 

Knowing your skin type can make it both easy and informative to choose your skin products and help you spend your money wisely on cosmetics. You can also reach out to our articles for more insights on how to care for specific skin types and have a dewy skin all along your day. 


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