How You Can Boost Your Immunity Against Viral Infections

by Dr. Diksha Tiwari on Jul 09, 2020

How You Can Boost Your Immunity Against Viral Infections

 How You Can Boost Your Immunity Against Viral Infections?

Ayurveda is a wonderful way to contribute to your health even when you’re not sick. Investing in your immunity through natural ways is like building a great wall of protection on a nation’s border. If you’re looking to boost your internal health, watch out for herbs like tulsi, neem and giloy which contributes in increasing your white blood cells (WBCs) that fight off the external allergens entering your body. A herbal tea made out of the same can be very beneficial on a regular basis.        

In addition to the above ways, you can also use Ayurveda’s very own immunity-boosting recipe, called Chyawanprash which is enriched with as much as fifty-four herbs that not only builds your immune system but detoxifies it off various toxins accumulated in due time. This reduces the chances of infection and decreases the chances of prolonged illness in the long run. While these methods can help you outrun any disease that has low chances of spreading, we would also insist on adding a layer of physical protection in case of a viral outbreak. Here’s how.  

How To Protect Yourself From Viral Infections In Your Daily Life?

Viruses and bacterias are microorganisms that can not be seen by your naked eyes but yet remain in close contact with your body, thus affecting your health. You can start by adding physical layers of protection.

Wear An Anti-Microbial Face Mask: To protect yourself from dust and allergens and dust particles, we should often wear a mask when heading out in an open space. Wearing the usual green masks ain’t enough in case of a viral outbreak. 

Wash Your Hands Properly: Your hands can be home to many microorganisms as you cannot keep a track of everywhere they go. One should essentially wash their hands with a hand wash solution or sanitize them with a hand sanitizer on a regular basis. 

Maintain Your Basic Hygiene: Basic hygiene can prevent so many infections from spreading and thus, should always be one’s top priority regardless of an outbreak. Keep your clothes and surroundings clean on a regular basis. 

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