by Harsh Shah on Aug 01, 2022


The fifth month of the Hindu calendar is known as Shravan, and it is considered to be a very auspicious month. Everyone attempting to attain Satvik Vriti which means pristine by performing godly acts through fasting and temple visits. During this month, Hindu Gods especially Lord Shiva are worshipped. Aside from our manly desire to satisfy our needs by pleasing gods, people do not understand the theory behind the months' customs and rituals.

According to Ayurveda during this Shravan mass this time when the environment by nature is cleansed by a burst of clouds from the sky in the form of rains. The atmosphere is controlled by Vata dosha, which causes it to worsen in the human body. The Vata process occurs in the body during the summer months, and it worsens during the monsoon season. This causes "Agni Mandya" which is a diminished digestive flame, which causes slow metabolism and Kapha deposition in the body. Overall, the body becomes weaker and more susceptible to disease. As a result, scholars have advised taking precautions in diet and regime for better health in the coming months.

Shravan if followed correctly during, fasting, occasional eating, or eating less helps you live more. Fasting is primarily used to detoxify the body and teach self-control. This is why the diet should be easy on the metabolism while also making the body more healthy and energetic. Fasting strengthens the immune system and helps to prevent the spread of water-borne diseases during this month. Avoiding meat and fish is not only a religious obligation, but it is also good for one's health if not consumed during this time of the year. Monsoon is the time for fish to breed, so disturbing their cycle to satisfy taste buds may result in spending more money and receiving less in the months ahead.

During this month, our minds are said to become extremely unstable. Vata is aggravated not only in the body but also in the mind. Spirituality is a method of controlling an unstable mind to achieve mental and physical balance. As a result, festivities were introduced this month to encourage people to be social in their celebrations and religious in their eating and living habits. To achieve balance in the body and mind even when Vata is aggravated.

Ayurveda also has many such scientific explanations for a religious method that we are following blindly. Our ancestors were too scholarly-minded to make all these methods to be followed in the name of religion. They had scientific reasons to adapt it. So, AADAR too follows and want other to follow as it is always important to understand why we are following anything and to know the scientific reason behind it.

Festivals are celebrated in every region for various reasons and sentiments. Be it seasonal veggies and fruits, or customs that we follow to make things simple for our body. As it helps to make it simple to prepare, and, most importantly, simple for the body to digest. Every fruit and vegetable grows best in a favorable environment. Whatever the season, we must learn and consume what is available in nature. We can learn more science from ancient traditions and customs than simply following them blindly to follow and want others to follow as it is always important to understand why we are following anything and to know the scientific reason behind it.

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