What Do MEN Do During SHRAVAN

by Harsh Shah on Aug 02, 2022

Shravan month has arrived and as you know it is one of the most auspicious months of the year, it brings a lot of positivity to one's life. In the Hindu religion, everyone has the time to dedicate themselves to their god to whoever they have faith in. It's time to add value to life in every form especially spiritually.

Shravan is a significant month in the Hindu calendar. The month, which is commonly observed in July and August, has special significance to Hindu gods, and saints claim that worshipping him during Sawan or Shravan will aid devotees in their journey for blessing. As a result, during Shravan, people follow many rituals like getting up early, following the process of fasting and typical types of foods that can only be consumed, and visiting the temple on a regular basis. Devotees have a firm belief that in Shravan month and have a firm belief that as well to wash off their sins and make their souls much more peaceful and one more step closer to the god.

So is this auspicious and purifying month just for Women? No, even men should follow this and there are many men who do follow this with their firm belief in god. Men especially those who have life and soul always want to party just to have a life full of colorful tastes they need to adapt to this. Making life better and much into a religious way.

There are many restrictions that people question or think of as a myth that why they shouldn't be doing in Shravan mass. there are many things you have to avoid like eating non-vegetarian food or consumption of alcohol. So anyone would believe it or not until we give you a scientific turn with a strong base explanation.

If you have decided to fast during the holy month of Sawan, you must be extremely cautious about what you eat. If you like to party, you should avoid those for the month. Parties are all about having fun and drinking alcohol! And that is the one thing you must completely avoid if you are fasting. In Sawan month, drinking alcohol is considered a sin. Alcohol is regarded as a polluted substance that infuses your body with negative energy. So, try to limit your intake of alcoholic beverages during this month.
This is thought to be due to the negative energy that alcohol introduces into the body and mind.

The scientific reason for not shaving during Shrawan month is that shaving can cause wounds or cuts. Because the month of Shrawan is rainy and full of moisture, wounds do not heal easily and the chances of infection on the wound are very high. To avoid any cut or wound, it is best not to shave at all.
Also, shaving is not practiced in Shravan maas because the straight razor used to become infected by rust during the monsoon, causing skin injuries or infections.

We are unable to abstain from eating meat because it is forbidden in Hinduism. Because our digestive systems are weakened by the lack of sunlight during the monsoons, it is best to avoid eating non-vegetarian meals. During the Sawan or Shravan fast, people eat light, easily digestible snacks. During the rainy season, there are also numerous water-borne illnesses. Furthermore, there is a possibility that the animal flesh is contaminated. As a result, avoiding it during the rainy season is advised.

Also, aquatic animals should be allowed to breed. During the monsoon season, fish and other aquatic animals reproduce. People used to avoid eating fish and other types of seafood during the monsoon because there were no farms where aquatic creatures could breed. In Hinduism, Sawan or Shravan is also known as the month of love. People avoid non-vegetarian meals because it is considered immoral in Hindu culture to kill any living thing.

There may or may not b scientific explanations for each and every ritual and custom we follow, but sometimes it is faith in our god that we need to do it. So not everything we need to follow blindly but after knowing it in a scientific manner you must refrain from doing all this and use your Shravan mass making your soul much virtuous and sinless. It is worth noting that the first Shravan puja is performed in the morning to motivate your soul from the start of the day itself, while the last puja is performed after sunset. During the fast, you can also chant your favorite mantras and make yourself calmer.

Ayurveda has numerous scientific explanations for a religious method that we blindly follow. Our forefathers were far too learned to adopt all of these religious methods. They did so for scientific reasons. So AADAR follows and encourages others to follow because it is always important to understand why we follow something and to understand the scientific reason behind it.

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