by Harsh Shah on Aug 16, 2022


"Boys Don't Cry" every man must have heard these words at some point in life, especially in their childhood. Every man has been emotionally quoted with these lines which have restrained them to express their emotions many times in their life. Even today in many cultures men crying is considered taboo. Many people, in fact in society believe that men should not cry. Crying is still compared with masculinity and that's where men are scared to express themselves openly.

But why? Why men cannot cry or are restricted to express their emotions openly? As per Harvard Medical School crying is considered healthy as it releases stress and emotional pain and keeps you mentally more healthy. Not crying will make you feel suffocated internally affecting you mentally, emotionally as well as physically.

According to research conducted by the Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR), one in every seven Indians suffers from mental health issues. Nearly 197 million Indians experienced mental health issues. Anxiety disorders affected 44.9 million people, while depression affected 45.7 million. When it comes to men's mental health, the situation becomes even more dreadful because men's mental health issues are largely unrecognized and unreported, which means that men rarely seek mental health treatment. In general, men use alcohol to mask their depression. According to the National Mental Health Survey, the prevalence of alcohol use disorders was 9% in men and 0.5% in women.

Men's Common Mental Illnesses:


Male depression is frequently misdiagnosed. Every year, more than six million men suffer from depression. Both men and women can suffer from depression, but the symptoms differ. When men are depressed, they are more likely to turn to substance abuse and become aggressive.


Men, too, experience anxiety. Anxiety disorders, panic attacks, social phobia, and other phobias affect one out of every ten men. Symptoms include muscle pain, headaches, insomnia, rage, and irritability.

Bipolar disorder

In both adolescence and adulthood, men are just as vulnerable to bipolar disorder as women. It is the world's sixth leading cause of death. Manic episodes, increased aggression, co-occurring substance abuse, and other symptoms are common in men.


90% of people diagnosed with schizophrenia before the age of 30 are men.  Delusions, hallucinations, disorganized thinking, and other symptoms are common.

Disordered Eating

Women with eating disorders are often obsessed with losing weight, whereas men are obsessed with gaining muscles.

Why Men Should Cry

Because Both Genders Are Equal

When we proudly say in today's time women are equal to men, they can work in corporate cultures, so why not men can too cry and express themselves like women? Men should also be given a chance to express their emotions. They should be asked about their health emotionally, and their concerns as well. It makes them help share their feeling more often.

It Sets An Excellent Example For Youth.

When the man of the house sobs, it sends a silent message to the children that sobbing is not a sign of weakness, but rather a form of expression. It teaches boys to be sensitive, which will undoubtedly make the world better because we require sensitive men rather than indifferent, cold men.

It Is Alluring To Express A Lighter Side

Several women find men with a softer side attractive. Men typically present a very strong side all of the time. Thus, seeing men cry can be a welcome change for some women because it shows how important or closely they feel about a particular situation.

It Helps Relieving Anxieties

When you're angry, stop screaming, yelling, and cursing. Men have another option, which is to simply cry it out. Crying can sometimes help you feel better. So, if something bothers a man at work, crying will make him feel better.

Crying Makes You Stronger

Do we have to keep reminding people that men, too, are human? They, too, have feelings. They too have heartbreak or emotional breakdown where they are unable to hold their lives together. Allow them to cry if that is how they want to relieve their stress.

Time To Change Masculinity Definition

As we say raising a hand does not make a man masculine, similarly crying does not make him less of a Man. Society needs to change the perception and mentality toward men when men want to pour hearts.

The Bottom Line

Do we need to give you any more reasons to believe that it is acceptable and even necessary for men to cry? So, the next time you see a man cry before you laugh or mock him, remember that he, too, is a human being.

AADAR too believes that crying is a normal human response to a whole range of emotions with many health and social benefits, including pain relief and self-soothing effects. Men require more mental health support, which may begin with society accepting and supporting men who cry. However, if crying frequently happens, uncontrollably, or for no reason, it could be a sign of depression. If this is the case, it is a good idea to speak to a doctor.

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