How Ayurveda Can Help You Conquer Diabetes?

by Dr. Diksha Tiwari on Jun 27, 2020

How Ayurveda Can Help You Conquer Diabetes?

Over the years, India’s reported being the home for 62 million Indians who suffer from Diabetes! More than a million amongst these numbers are prone to death every year due to various complications aggravated by diabetes. For beginners, diabetes can be explained as a disorder that does not let your pancreas produce enough insulin to deal with glucose levels. Normal production of insulin ensures a healthy level of blood sugar and encourages cells to absorb glucose and compensates for the energy required for various activities. However, any failure in producing a sufficient quantity of insulin can lead to an abnormal increase in blood sugar levels leading to various complications and ultimately, the giant health demon known as Diabetes.

Now that you’re aware and informed about the disease, we highly recommend you to educate yourself with the tips to manage your diabetes with the help of Ayurveda! Let's get started with a concise guide to a healthy living even with a diabetic complication.

The Restraints For A Diabetic Lifestyle

Since a diagnosis for diabetes doesn’t get limited to a prescription but demands major changes in lifestyle, it’s important to know how to adapt to one. Anything with high levels of carbohydrates and fats along with sugar is recommended to be avoided as much possible. This includes any fried food, rice, junk and any kind of sweet that is prepared with sugar. You can of course consume sweet fruits in low quantities. You’re also advised to have a blood sugar measuring device from a reputed brand to help you monitor your blood sugar level. 

How Ayurveda Can Help With Diabetes?

Now that you've learned a few things about the restraining lifestyle, you’re recommended to get used to long evening and morning walks to help your body assimilate the additional glucose in there. Along with the walks, go for ayurvedic herbs like Aloe Vera, Neem and Harad to help your sugar levels calm down. If in doubt with it’s availability, you can always opt for AADAR’s Jeevani capsules which consist of specially formulated herbal pills for maintaining your blood sugar levels. It also consists of a unique formulation which helps you with your immunity and various doshas including Pitta and Kapha! Alongside, you can always have a glass of methi soaked water when you start your day.

Hope you found this helpful with your diabetic concerns and will emerge out victorious in your battle with diabetes.

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