by Harsh Shah on Jan 16, 2023


We are all distinct sexual beings. Although our upbringing, culture, and experiences have an impact on our thoughts, feelings, desires, and opinions about sex, our dosha is primarily responsible for their uniqueness. 

The importance of sex in our lives and relationships can be improved by having a better understanding of our dosha and how it affects our sexuality. Additionally, we should be aware of our partner’s doshas because doing so will help us meet their needs, direct how we stimulate and entice them, and enable us to maintain patience and empathy when our sex experiences fall short of our expectations.

For this to make sense, you should first understand your dosha, or natural constitution, according to Ayurveda. If you were interested in reading this, you already have a good idea of your dosha. If not, it is important for you to read the list of doshas below and decide how you can heal your sexual concerns.

If You Are Vata Doshic

Vata constitutions are easily exhausted by sex and have the highest interest in sex but the lowest energy levels. Additionally, they are more likely to have strange or hidden sexual lives.

Vatas require partners who can ground them, and provide them with comfort, and nourishment. Love enables them to blossom and feel safe. 

If You Are Kapha Doshic

In general, a person with Kapha dosha is excellent because it helps them maintain balance.

With constant but moderate interest, Kapha constitutions have the most sexual vitality. They prioritize the family as a whole, and they rarely find a sexual activity to be physically demanding.

Kaphas require partners who can energize and stimulate them. They can balance their heaviness and inertia with Pitta or Vata types.

If You Are Pitta Doshic

Pitta's constitutions fall somewhere in the middle, with their main desires being a passion for sex and drama.

Pittas need collaborators with whom they can advance a shared goal. Take advantage of the Kapha around them to calm them down and temper their rage

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Show genuine consideration for your partner's dosha for the healthiest possible sex life in a natural state. Recognize that your sexual partner may have different physical, mental, and emotional needs from you. As you learn about each other's doshic biorhythms and adjust to their desires with patience and compassion, treat your partner with respect, and finally, find a balance that suits you both.

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