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Do you enjoy milkshakes? Thinking there can't be a healthier cocktail than the goodness of freshly cut fruits combined with the ever so nutritious milk? Think about it again. It turns out that combining these two healthy foods isn't always a good idea. In fact, it is best not to pair certain foods and consume them together because they can disrupt your digestion, gut health, and overall system. According to Ayurveda, one such food combination you should avoid is milk and fruits, which puts our beloved milkshake on the hot seat.

The role of milk in Ayurveda is highly respected and valued. It has a profound nourishing property for our bodies that can help regenerate and strengthen physiological tissues as well as increase our subtle essence known as vitality. It is in charge of our overall body's immunity, vitality, complexion, luster, and strength.

Milk must be digested properly in order for these benefits to be conferred. Milk's natural qualities are heavy, dense, cold, and sweet. When milk is consumed cold, straight from the refrigerator, its heaviness increases. As a result, Ayurveda recommends boiling milk to reduce its heavy properties and make it more easily absorbed by our bodies. Some spices, such as turmeric or cardamom, can be added to milk to make it easier to digest.

Why Are Milkshakes Not the Best Idea According to Ayurveda? Do you like milkshakes? Think there can't be a healthier concoction than the goodness of freshly cut fruits blended with the ever so nutritious milk?

All sour fruits, such as bananas, mangoes, and melons, should never be blended with milk or yogurt, according to Ayurveda.

According to the book, cocktails like banana milkshakes or fruit smoothies made with milk are especially to be avoided.  It goes on to explain why bananas and milk should not be consumed together. Bananas with milk can weaken Agni, which is gastric fire, and change the gut bacteria, resulting in toxins and causing sinus congestion, cold, cough, allergies, itchiness, and rash

Fruits, especially those that aren't fully ripe, have an acidic nature that, when combined with milk, causes curdling. Our bodies require different enzymes to break down milk protein and another to break down fruits. As a result, fruit and milk confuse the body's digestive process.

What foods are suitable when combined with milk? In addition to making milk more digestible by boiling it or adding spices, it is important to consider what other foods are eaten with milk or mixed with milk. Compatibility is the name given to this principle. Every food has a distinct Flavor (Rasa), Qualities (Guna), Potency (Virya), and Post-digestive effect (Vipaka), as well as a Distinct Effect (Prabhava) on our bodies. There are beneficial food combinations and food combinations that are incompatible.

Some of the Facts That Ayurveda Says About Fruit & Milk Combo

 1) Banana and mango are the least acidic fruits and are most commonly used in smoothies.

 2) Instead of real fruit, most smoothies use flavored crushes that are non-acidic or less acidic.

 3) Some smoothies contain curd, which is a different compound that pairs well with fruits.

 4) Everyone's digestion abilities vary; for example, in India, many people consume smoothies or milkshakes with no ill effects. Those who do not have lactose intolerance or other acidity issues can easily digest it.

 5) Because most Ayurvedic concepts do not reach us in the correct format, there is now a blanket statement such as fruits and milk do not go together.

 Ayurvedic experts explain the physiology of the milk and fruit combination in the body. Fruits and milk are two of the most nutrient-dense foods that you should consume, but preferably alone. When combined, it results in massive energy release in the body. When this excess energy is not used by the body, it is stored in fat cells, resulting in weight gain. The combination also causes Kapha aggravation, so it is not recommended for Kapha individuals. The combination's post-digestion material also causes hyperactivity in the system, which impedes tissue generation. 

Make sure the fruits in your milkshake are not overly sour the next time you order one. Still have concerns about your concerns with fruits and milk combo smoothies or shakes consumption, you can contact our Health Expert or connect us at +919867667699 to obtain the most accurate diagnosis.

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