What is Ayurvedic Vitality, Anyway?

by Dr. Diksha Tiwari on Feb 23, 2022

What is Ayurvedic Vitality, Anyway?

If you look up in the dictionary you will find the meaning of Vitality as "the state of being strong and active." 
The definition is quite clear and it can be derived from it that vitality is important to live a fulfilling life.
We understood what vitality is. But,

What is sexual vitality? 
Sexual vitality is the strength and activeness you need in bed to enjoy fulfilling sex. Libido, energy levels, arousal, and performance are the key role players when it comes to satisfaction in sex. Disturbance in any of these factors can have effects on your sex life and ultimately the relationship with your partner. 

How to maintain sexual vitality? 
Are you always low on energy?, Having constant fatigue? Or Do you get exhausted very quickly? If yes, then you might be facing problems in your sex life. Satisfying your partner becomes difficult in this situation.
But don't worry because you can deal with it and can become energetic and active again. Follow the following tips we are going to tell you to enhance your sexual vitality and save your relationship. 

  • Sleep well - Your mood is ruined for the entire day when you don't get sleep but lack of sleep not just ruins your mood but also has an impact on your energy levels. Moreover, you might also have a lower sex drive, fatigue, and these things will ultimately affect your performance in bed. 
    To improve your sexual vitality, get a good sleep of at least 7 to 8 hours every night. 

  • Stress less - Stress and anxiety have more negative effects on your body than you think. Sexual intimacy between you and your partner is affected, the feelings of love take the back seat, performance in bed decreases and we can go on and on. 
  • We understand that in today's lifestyle, stress is common. All we are saying is to take less stress. 
    Indulge in a relaxing activity to calm your mind before sex. Trying different calming activities like reading a book, taking a bath, meditating or listening to music would help you. 

  • Exercise - When we talk about Erectile Dysfunction, one of the common causes that are found is inappropriate blood flow to the penis. Just by improving your circulation, you can improve your sexual vitality and performance. And to improve circulation, exercise can be your saviour. 
  • Exercise improves the overall circulation through increased blood flow. It can lower the frequency of erectile dysfunction and will help you in improving sexual vitality overall. 

    These are some general ways in which you can increase your vitality. No matter how irrelevant these things might look on a daily basis, they play big roles. 
    These tips, if followed daily will surely show some improvement. 

    Other than these, some herbs also have the power to increase vitality. These are - 

  • Ashwagandha - Boosts Libido, Reduces stress and increases testosterone levels. 
  • Safed Musli - Increases muscle strength and stamina. It also improves and maintains overall sexual health. 
  • Gokhru - Helps in fighting fatigue. It also restores energy to the muscles and deals with weakness. 
  • Shatavari - Helps in boosting energy and strengthens the digestive system. 
  • Shilajit - Boosts stamina and strength and increases energy and endurance. 

  • The above-mentioned herbs have been tried and tested and have been found effective in increasing the general sexual health in males. But according to Ayurveda, these herbs should be consumed taking care of the quantity very strictly. Now, this can feel like a difficult task. 

    So what should you do? 
    AADAR, is an Ayurveda-driven, Scientifically proven brand that has brought out a range of products that would help improve your vitality. AADAR has made the long and tedious process of preparing these herbs a hassle-free one. You can get all the benefits of these herbs in the form of capsules, pills and oils through AADAR.

    Let us list down some of the products of AADAR that are worth giving a try if you are aiming to improve your vitality - 

    AADAR performance capsules , and AADAR power build are the two products that have all the above-mentioned herbs. 

    Give these products a try and see a visible difference in your sexual vitality. 

    Check out www.aadar.co to check out our Ayurvedic products and see what other products we offer. 

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