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Good sexual health involves far more than just having safe sex or being able to get complicated. Sexual health is concerned with your perception of yourself as a sexual being, your ability to embrace and enjoy your sexuality, and your sense of truly owning your sexual actions and choices. Sexual health includes more than just healthy sex. Sexual health encompasses an individual's overall health and well-being.

Healthy Sex: Healthy Body & Mind

Being sexually healthy provides a lot of pleasure. Furthermore, satisfying, healthy sex is essential to your overall health and well-being. Sex, particularly orgasm, can improve mood, induce sleep, relax you, and even relieve pain by releasing oxytocin, endorphins, and a slew of other feel-good chemicals in the brain. Healthy sex contains balancing all aspects ie; Physical, Emotional, Mental, and Social. The World Health Organization (WHO) defines sexual health as having a broad scope. Individuals, couples, and families are included, but so are communities and entire cultures.

Being Sexually Healthy Involves Being Able To

  • Discuss your feelings and concerns comfortably.
  • Initiate or refuse sex.
  • Enjoy sexual expressions, arousal, and orgasm without fear, guilt, or shame.
  • Having good and appropriate sexual freedom.

Healthy Sexuality Is Not Just About Gender But Also 

  • Your attitudes and feelings
  • Physical and emotional requirements/concerns
  • Sexual needs and desires
  • Pleasure and accomplishment.
  • Fertility and reproduction
  • Respect and self-esteem

Use Safer Sexual Practices.

Safer sex practices frequently involve the use of physical barriers to prevent you and your partner from sharing bodily fluids. Make uses that give you safety, condoms, gloves for dental dams. These methods are effective in preventing STIs, which are spread via bodily fluids such as sperm, blood, vaginal secretions, and saliva. 

These protection methods can help protect you and your partner from sexually transmitted infections (STIs) such as HIV/AIDS, gonorrhea, chlamydia, trichomoniasis, and hepatitis A, B, and C. These barrier methods are less effective at preventing STIs transmitted by skin-to-skin contact, but they can still help lower your risk. 

STIs Are Transmitted Through Skin-To-Skin Contact Include:

  • HPV Syphilis (Human Papilloma Virus)
  • HSV (Herpes Simplex Virus)
  • This method can also be used to transmit pubic lice from one person to another.

When it comes to barrier methods, choose latex or polyurethane condoms and dental dams. And always use them to protect yourself and your partner during any kind of sexual contact or penetration. Using condoms, dental dams, and gloves can help reduce the spread of STIs during oral sex vaginal sex anal sex. It's important to note that some STIs, such as Syphilis, HPV, Sherpas, Gonorrhea, Chlamydia, and vaccines for prevention currently, three STI vaccines are available HPV, Hepatitis A, and Hepatitis B.

Most people learn about sexuality and sex when they are young. You may consult with your parents, siblings, teachers, or mentors. You could also find it on your own. Gender and genitalia are discussed. You learn about sex and the dangers it entails. Pregnancy, sexually transmitted infections (STIs), and sexual abuse are all risks. It is critical to learn everything you can about sex. The more informed you are, the better prepared you will be to make sound decisions.

AADAR always promotes safe and concerned sexual acts. We often encourage you to talk about sexual concerns rather than feeling ashamed of them and creating a mess with your sexual life. After all sexual issues are also medical problems just like any other health issue which should get consulted and treated only by experts. We have Health Experts with whom you can easily connect and discuss your sexual concerns. To obtain the most accurate diagnosis, you can consult your family doctor first, or you can contact our Health Expert or connect with us at  +919867667699

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