by Harsh Shah on Dec 15, 2022


There is almost no one who does not want to have a healthy and satisfying sexual life. A healthy sex life, according to Ayurveda, is very much a reality if one diligently follows the golden sex rules as mentioned in various Ayurvedic books and journals. A healthy sex drive is different for each person. Overall, our pleasure is when we feel balanced in our desire. It feels good to us rather than something being off, whether too high or too low, and sexually fulfilled whether alone or with a partner.

Sure, sex has incredible health benefits, from stress reduction to blood pressure reduction, but the real answer to how much sex you should have and how long it should last, what the best positions are, and so on. Whatever works best for you and your partner.

Good Sex can be defined when you've been waiting for it, good sex appears, especially in the case of a single person, in the whole of the world. When you can't stop yourself from reaching over and ripping the other person's clothes off. When you allow good sex to happen naturally, it happens. When you listen to your body rather than putting romance on a calendar. When you bang your person on top of the kitchen counters or in the middle of the car rather than in the bedroom as is customary.

Good Sex can be defined as when you live in the present moment, you have good sex. When you aren't checking the time every five seconds to make sure you don't miss the start of a show or arrive late for work. When you go with the flow rather than being distracted by all the other things you could be doing.

Good Sex can be defined as when you pay attention to the other person, you have good sex. When you know their body well and have memorized their hot spots. When you know which moves will cause the moan to be the loudest and the cum to be the hardest.

Good Sex can be defined as when you keep an open mind, good sex happens. When you don't have your heart set on doing the same thing over and over. When you're eager to try out new toys, positions, costumes, or anything else.

Good Sex can be defined when you're on the same page, good sex happens. When you both want the same things and aren't just doing them because you're under pressure, want to appear cool, or want to look sexy. When you and your partner act agree on what should and should not happen in the bedroom.

Good Sex can be defined as when you establish open communication, good sex happens. When you are not afraid to tell the other person when a particular position isn't working for you or when you need to take a break and let them do the work. When you are honest with them about what's turning you on and what's only turning you off.

Good Sex can be defined as when everything is equal, to good sex occurs. When you give just as much as you get. When you collapse on your person after finishing first, rather than rolling to your side of the bed and falling asleep, leaving them feeling unsatisfied.

Good Sex can be defined as when you're desperate for sex, it happens. When you're not questioning whether you're making the right choice. When you're confident, you won't be sorry in the morning. In fact, if you let the moment pass you by, you will only be sorry.

Good Sex can be defined as when you're both at ease with each other, good sex happens. When you're not concerned with how your stomach sticks out or whether your moans sound sexy enough. When you don't need to turn off the lights or keep your top on.

Good Sex can be defined as when you feel confident because your partner keeps looking at you like you're the hottest thing in the universe, you're having good sex.

Good Sex can be defined when you have good sex, you enjoy every second of it, not just the release at the end. It's when you wouldn't change a thing about the time you spent with that person and would do it all over again.

Connection is the key to having good sex. Of course, what happens downtown is important, but the difference between okay and good sex for me is a lot of kissing, touching, and eye contact. If your partner makes an effort to focus on facial expressions as well, the entire experience is amplified. What distinguishes good sex from great sex? When your partner is as interested in your orgasm as he is in his own and isn't afraid to experiment or take the lead. Telling me how good everything feels or complimenting your body also helps because it takes me out of your head.

In The End

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