3 Ways Lockdown Helped Us Reboot Our Health

by Dr. Diksha Tiwari on Jun 01, 2020

3 Ways Lockdown Helped Us Reboot Our Health

 Having spent over a couple of months in an unprecedented lockdown, we have struck gold with the amount of time we could have had for ourselves as an escape from the hustle-bustle of daily lifestyle we were normally used to. With these numerous hours now available at our disposal, let's get started on how to actually reboot our health from scratch.

We have often wondered what could we do differently if we had more than 24 hours - especially when it comes to health. To our surprise, we often find the answers in the simple Good Old Habits that have long been forgotten off our memories in an effort to condense our lifestyle to few comforts that we could otherwise do away with. In this edition, let's get started with three effective ways to reboot your health and lifestyle with the same Good Old Habits with AADAR.

Starting Our Mornings Differently

Now that we have enough time to get sufficient hours of sleep, we must reboot our circadian rhythm i.e. the overall day and night cycle of our body. The ideal time to wake up is often early hours of sunrise when we can actually rejoice the ever peaceful mornings. The next step is to hydrate ourselves with copper-infused water. This has been one of the most healthy habits that have been prescribed by our sages. Simply use a copper vessel for storing your drinking water which in turn gets infused by Cu2+ ions over time. These ions are proved to be a fine metabolic booster. For beginners, you can also go ahead and practice mild stretchings and yoga. This always helps boost your mornings for a productive day ahead.

Monitor Our Diet Consciously

We have often resorted to junk and fast food when it came to a fast lifestyle as we progressed. Now that we are cooking for ourselves (most of us) we must look for the healthy things that go on our plates and avoid the food that's not good for our metabolism. As long as you're eating enough green vegetables and whole grains, you can be assured of a healthy diet and balanced nutrition replenishment. In this hour of the pandemic, it is also important to regularly consume fresh fruits with loads of Vitamin C in them. It not only keeps your digestive issues at bay but also boosts your immunity better.

Indulge in Regular Meditation Sessions

Often ignored is the aspect of our mental health as we progress in our lives. And though we hardly take out some time to spend with our ourselves, this lockdown is helping us spend a lot of time with our own beings while introspecting our issues and actions. For beginners, a meditation session can start with a peaceful session of self-observation and can later be guided towards a more aware approach towards self-existence. This process further helps in pricing focus and sleep cycle as the mind takes its own time to calm and find peace. 

These three basic rebooting techniques are good ignition factors towards balancing all aspects of our health and to have been granted a lockdown is a blessing in disguise for those who are looking forward to adapting the Good Old Habits for their health. 


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