Half The November Is Over: Are you still following NO NUT NOVEMBER?

by Harsh Shah on Nov 15, 2022


The term NNN was coined in 2011 by Urban Dictionary as part of an anti-pornography movement inspired by various online groups. Certain groups believe that abstaining from masturbation can help people overcome their addiction to porn or sex. People in those groups claimed that they were able to occupy the time they would have spent masturbating with more "Beneficial" activities such as learning a new language, working out, and so on; while others claimed that abstaining from ejaculation increased their testosterone levels.

While these claims are completely unfounded, the challenge has evolved as it has grown in popularity. Many men and women see the challenge as a fun way to put their willpower to the test, and for the most part, NNN has become much more sarcastic and a source of funny memes and online sexual humor.

Everything You Need to Know About No Nut November

Since 2011, No Nut November (NNN) has been an internet challenge for both men and women. Now that we're in mid-November, you've probably seen some internet memes or heard some jokes about NNN. So, what are the rules exactly? What exactly is the point? Let's look at both sides of the NNN debate.

What Exactly Is No Nut November?

No Nut November (NNN) is a challenge in which men and women agree not to ejaculate for the entire month of November, whether through sex or masturbation. NNN has become such a popular social media trend that major brands have begun incorporating it into their marketing messages, as well as Facebook and Instagram posts. There are two sides to the debate over NNN and the benefits and drawbacks of ejaculation.

What Are The No Nut November Rules?

  1. No ejaculation is permitted under any circumstances.
  2. Pornography is permitted.
  3. You must finish the entire month of November.

Are There Any Advantages To No Nut November?

Proponents of NNN claim that it boosts energy levels, boosts self-confidence, improves mental clarity, increases testosterone, and increases physical output in the gym.

Sex or masturbation can be especially stressful for many men suffering from erectile dysfunction. A man suffering from ED may withdraw physically and emotionally from his partner. Taking a break from sex or masturbation can help to relieve some of the stress or anxiety associated with the relationship. Couples who choose not to have sex can find other ways to be intimate besides physical contact. Try it if you're curious about the effects of not having sex or masturbation. If you have a partner, discuss it with them and get their opinion.

However, completing the challenge completely appears to be impossible. Yes! Some parts of it, such as not having sex or watching porn, can be followed. However, bro! Expecting wet dreams or a boner and not getting them is literally unrealistic. Okay! One can attempt to complete the challenge once, but is it worth it? Is it useful in the real world? Let's delve into it.

  1. Are There Any Genuine Health Advantages?

Yes, the 'No Nut November' challenge can be beneficial to porn addicts and prevent men from becoming distracted. Not ejaculating for a short period of time (honestly, 30 days is not a short period of time) can help boost confidence, but there is almost no scientific evidence to support this claim.

  1. Is Sex Or Masturbation Merely Mechanical?

Well! Sex may be a mechanical act for casual hookups, but this is not always the case. Physical intimacy entails more than that. It is about two bodies meeting and traveling to a specific destination, and the people involved explore various aspects of each other. It's about two people getting to know each other and becoming comfortable with each other. Furthermore, some research articles claim that masturbation is sometimes a healthy practice.

  1. Are Orgasms Harmful Or Unhealthy?

The simple answer to this question is a resounding NO. With no scientific evidence that 'No Nut November' is beneficial to men's health, the challenge is merely a trend that people attempt to follow blindly. Sexual pleasure is a rare and precious gift. Orgasms not only keep humans healthy, but they also reduce the risk of cancer.

  1. No Nut November Has Become Dangerous.

If you're just doing it for a few posts and likes, you can go ahead and finish the challenge. It is also the individual's choice. However, there have been instances where the 'NNN' challenge has been detrimental to society. In 2018, some ardent supporters of the 'No Nut Challenge' threatened to kill people working in the adult industry. Yes, it did get that bad.

AADAR too believes in the fact that masturbation only becomes "too much" when it interferes with your daily responsibilities. If you notice that masturbation is interfering with your job or social activities, you should consult with a professional therapist or counselor.

Whether you are simply curious about NNN or are considering taking on the NNN challenge yourself, do your research to ensure you make the right decision. If it were up to Giddy, you'd keep masturbating, having sex, and enjoying healthy, regular ejaculation as much as possible!

It only becomes “too much” if masturbating gets in the way of your daily responsibilities. If you find masturbation is starting to affect your job or social activities, it’s a good idea to talk to a professional therapist or counselor.

Do you or not follow the 'No Nut Challenge'? What's your take on it?

In any case, I wish everyone a happy end to November.

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