Many men want to discuss their inability to perform or any other sexual problem. But talking about your sexual inability or sexual dysfunction can significantly impact your relationship and self-esteem. In India specially for men, you can have words on almost every problem but, having a problem below the belt can hamper your identity. Most men will experience erection problems at some point in their sexual lives.

As per the report (, approximately 31% of men experience difficulties during sex. But many types of sexual problems can be treated or otherwise improved. Around 26.2% of men face problems of early ejaculation, and 22.5%  of erectile difficulties which mostly start acing in their early 30s. Also, the report says that 3.2% of men start having a lack of sexual interest in their mid-40s which might not be a problem for them but definitely for their partner. So in this survey, it was found that 45% did not care or seek medical help whereas 21% of them sought medications to solve this.



In most cases, you recognize that something infringes on your pleasure or the intimacy with your partner in a sexual relationship. A complete history of symptoms and a physical examination are usually the first steps taken by your family doctor. They may ask to test with procedures to identify any medical issues that could be causing the dysfunction.

An assessment of attitudes towards sex, as well as other potential contributing factors such as fear, anxiety, past sexual trauma/abuse, relationship concerns, medications, alcohol or drug abuse, and so on, should also be examined to have a proper understanding the underlying cause of the problem and recommending the best treatment.



  • Erectile Dysfunction, inability to achieve or maintain a proper erection.
  • Early or Premature Ejaculation, inability to control the timing of ejaculation.
  • Retarded Ejaculation, inadequate sexual stimulation, there is no or delayed ejaculation

Or even with good health, there could be the reasons like absence of sexual interest or desire or even lack of ability to get aroused.


  • Medications that affect sexual urges or hormones.
  • Chronic diseases like kidney issues, and liver problems.
  • Habits like alcohol, smoking, drugs, etc.
  • Lifestyles like improper sleep cycle, working habits, etc.
  • Psychological issues stress, anxiety, lack of confidence, and mental trauma.

Sexual dysfunction is a problem just like any other problem and can be reversed positively if treated on time. Treating with natural methods like ayurvedic medications, yoga, psychological treatments, and sex therapy will bring effective results.

Sexual health involves more than simply avoiding diseases and unwanted pregnancies. According to the health experts, it is about embracing life along with your partner and developing personally and together. However, it is also important to note that one bad night in the bedroom, dos not overall decide your good or bad sex life. It does not indicate serious sexual health problems. So, it's how you are educated and aware and identify what is a good or bad sexual life that's bothering you.   

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