Morning Sex - Why Should You Have One! Reasons & Benefits

by Dr. Diksha Tiwari on Jan 05, 2022

Morning Sex - Why Should You Have One! Reasons & Benefits

Not everybody in today’s hectic lifestyle can be an early bird. People find it hard to get up in the morning, do their chores and rush to their workplaces. It is difficult to take out time to get intimate with your partner and in the morning it is almost impossible for a lot of people. But what if we tell you that morning sex actually has a lot of health benefits? Well, you should definitely include morning sex in your morning routine to reap the benefits of it in your mood and health all through the day. 

Let us tell you the benefits of morning sex -  

  1. Makes you feel more connected to your partner - Before anything else, it is important for both you and your partner to feel a deep connection in your relationship and morning sex will help you in that. It has a positive impact on your relationship. In the day-to-day stress, it is obvious that the intimacy between you and your partner takes a back seat. But making time for morning sex is the simplest method of keeping the interest alive and will be a great way to balance your love life along with other things. 

Our morning actions set the entire mood for the day and it is hard to not be in a good mood after good sex right in the morning.  

  1. You will experience a burst of feel-good hormones -

The feel-good hormone that we are talking about is “Oxytocin”. It is also referred to as the "love hormone." As the name suggests, this hormone is released in couples during sex and peaks at the time when both the partners have an orgasm. This hormone is so powerful that it has the power to increase bonding in couples, as found out in many studies. It has also been found that an increase in the levels of oxytocin is correlated with higher levels of life satisfaction and lowering of depression. 

It is a fact that after sex, pleasure and orgasm, both your mind and body are reset. Good sex leads to reduced stress and tension and makes you feel positive. This happens because of another hormone named “Endorphin”, which is a hormone that also reduces your perception of pain. 

  1. Morning sex is equivalent to a light workout - Yes, you heard that right. If you have always been the person who hates getting up in the morning to hit the gym, and more than even that, if you entirely hate the idea of working out, then morning sex can be a good alternative for you. You would be surprised to know that morning sex brings with it the same benefits as a light workout. The benefits of doing a light workout in the morning like boosted metabolism, stress relief, etc. will also hold true for morning sex. Studies have also revealed that sex burns about 5 calories per minute.  
  1. Human body demands morning sex - There are a lot of factors that contribute to good sex as it is a phenomenon that can not be forced. One of the contributing factors is the hormone levels in your body. Both estrogen and testosterone levels are highest in the morning, therefore, sexual desire is increased in the morning, making it an ideal time for sex. 

Other than this, the energy levels in the body are also generally higher in the morning, which is a contributing factor for good sex. People have noticed that a shift from night sex to morning sex has led them to enjoy this intimate time more with their partners.  

  1. Morning sex often feels better - This happens because in the morning your urge to have sex is stronger. Women generally experience stronger orgasms in the morning. For men, it has been found that increased testosterone levels in the morning can lead to a stronger and longer-lasting erection. Your body might be more primed to have great sex in the morning because of the play of hormones and also due to the increased energy levels, as mentioned above. But whatever it is, morning sex just makes you feel better, and that is what you actually want after good sex. 
  1. Morning sex gives you a glow -

Early morning sex can help you not only to feel good but also to look your best for the rest of the day. Morning sex gives you a fresh glow, as it increases the blood circulation in your body. This leads to glowing skin and healthy hair. Interesting, isn’t it? 

  1. Morning sex relieves stress level - As you might have already guessed from all the feel-good points above, sex relieves stress, but we wanted to point out that there is research to back this up.  According to a 2010 study, pleasure through sex can reduce stress hormone levels.  

These were the benefits and reasons for having sex in the morning. It is always better to listen to your body and do things that flow naturally. Your body approves of morning sex and it might take you some time to change your routine but it would be for the better.  

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