New Year Resolution: 7 Things You Should Be Doing For Living A Desirable Healthy Life

by Dr. Diksha Tiwari on Jan 04, 2022

New Year Resolution: 7 Things You Should Be Doing For Living A Desirable Healthy Life

We are almost at the end of the year 2021. We all may have had ups and downs this year with respect to health. But we can always take lessons from our mistakes and try to follow certain things that would help us lead our desirable healthy lives. So let us make a realistic resolution this new year to prioritize our health.

We will list down 7 healthy habits you should include in your lifestyle to live healthily. They are - 

  • Getting proper sleep - 
  • Sleep is a crucial part of leading a healthy life. When we sleep, our brain clears away the debris of the day’s work while resetting and restoring nerve networks so that they can function properly when we wake up.

    We all are aware of the common side effects of lack of sleep - drowsiness, fatigue, lack of focus, and forgetfulness. Not only these, but the consequences of sleep deprivation can go far beyond and can have long-lasting effects on our brain. 

    A study reveals that insufficient sleep for a long period of time causes hyper-sweeping in the brain. This destructive activity may contribute to Alzheimer’s and other brain disorders, ultimately leading to the brain destroying itself. To avoid this potential threat, develop the habit of getting  7-9 hours of sleep every day. If you have trouble dozing off, make a bedtime routine to switch off mobile phones and televisions 1 hour before bed, listen to light music and make a sleeping environment in your bedroom.

  • Doing exercise - 
  • Regular exercise is probably the first step towards your goal of having a healthy lifestyle. Regular exercise helps control weight; maintain healthy bones, muscles, and joints; and reduce the risk of high blood pressure, heart disease, and diabetes. 

    Just 30 minutes of even light exercise which can include walking, jogging, running, stretching, etc, for 5 or 6 days per week, can work wonders for our health and add years to our lives.

    If you are a housewife or are in a job that does not allow you to take out time to exercise, then you can opt for taking the stairs at work, a 10-15 minute walk during lunch, or having a small pedaling device at your desk. The important thing to understand here is that you need to enjoy your exercise as much as you enjoy your favourite meal. And to do this, you should opt for an exercise or a physical activity that you enjoy doing. When you enjoy doing a particular thing, you do it every day with your own choice rather than it being a thing that you have to compulsorily do.  

  • Cutting Down on Alcohol Consumption -  
  • A person who consumes alcohol every day lives in a hazardous environment filled with the tension of strained relationships, disruption, and dishonesty. A person’s drinking habit does not just affect their health, but it also harms their loved ones. It is very well considered a family disease as a single addict can strongly affect the other members too. To attain your goal of leading a healthy life, you have to cut down on alcohol. To achieve this, you can take help from an expert; you can keep track of your drinking habit, avoid drinking on an empty stomach, and control the amount. After controlling the amount, you can slowly stop consuming it. 

    Other than the fact that alcohol is a big cause for failing marriages, daily alcohol use can pose a great danger to health as well. It can cause fibrosis or scarring of the liver tissue and can lead to alcoholic hepatitis, which is a type of liver inflammation. With long-term alcohol abuse, these conditions can occur together and can eventually lead to liver failure.

  • Reducing Sugar and Salt Intake - 
  • Let us get straight to the facts here. More than fifty percent of people today have a high blood pressure problem, and the high intake of salt can result in high blood pressure which can further contribute towards increasing the chances of cardiovascular diseases. We are not telling you to completely stop taking salt, but to reduce the intake in your diet. Here’s how you can do it - 

    When shopping, you can avoid food items that you know contain high amounts of sodium.  

    When cooking, low sodium salt can be used. You can slowly cut down your salt intake by constantly eating food with lesser amounts of salt. 

    On the other side, the intake of sugary food can be harmful to your health as well, as sugar has calories, and it can be harmful to those who have diabetes or related conditions. Even if you don’t have any health problems, intaking a lot of sugar can cause you to have one. It is always better to drink sugar-free juices. If you have a sweet tooth, you can instead munch on some fruits. This will help you maintain a healthy lifestyle.

  • Quitting tobacco - 
  • Do we even need to convince you of this point? We all are aware of all the ill effects that tobacco poses on one’s health. Consuming any kind of tobacco means inviting trouble and health problems yourself. People generally start tobacco to try it once and in no time they get addicted to it. But this addiction leads to their doom. People who use tobacco (including smokeless tobacco) have a higher risk for heart attack, stroke, lung disease, and throat and mouth cancer. If you’re a tobacco user, quitting is the best thing you can do for yourself and your health. 

  • Drinking lots of water - 
  • A quick fact - Did you know we can survive around 3 weeks without food but cannot go without water for more than 7 days? Well, that fact explains a lot about the importance of water for us humans. We should be drinking at least eight glasses of pure water a day in order to keep hydrated and maintain good health. Also, just to clear things out - Juices, cold drinks and other beverages do not count as water.

    Water aids healthy digestion, keeps our cells hydrated to function properly, and helps in flushing toxins out of our bodies. It is also because of water, that our bodies absorb vital nutrients from the food that we eat.

  • Keeping a check on mental health - 
  • In today’s hectic lifestyle, it is important to take care of your mental health as much as your physical health. A lot of things today directly or indirectly affect us and have a great impact on our mental health. We unknowingly, sometimes, become a part of something that proves to take a toll on our mental health. As a rule of thumb, a person should see his/her doctor for checkups at least every two to three years if they are under 50, and once a year if they are 50 or over. It is always a good idea to have an open and honest relationship with your doctor as he or she will help you navigate your health journey through life. Remember that most diseases can be cured if they are detected at an early stage. This applies to your mental health, too.

    These were the 7 things we wanted to put down for you. Let us know what all resolutions related to your health have you thought of making for the new year.

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