by Harsh Shah on Jul 12, 2022


Having sound sleep and a good time between the sheets is as important as roti-kapda-makaan. Being financially well with well settled in life is what everyone strives for. Research says, sleeping well and having a good sex life have a greater impact on a person's well-being than other factors like money or materialistic desires.

This blog discusses why and how stress-free life is important for an individual and how good sleep and men's sexual health problems. Although it depends on person to person how an individual sees life though, the end goal is to attain peace and bliss throughout life.

The Living Well Index conducted the study, which looked at how people coped best with the stresses of modern life. As per their survey, people under stress are more likely to have spent intimate times with their partners, good sound sleep, and a sense of peace away from regular hectic life.

It is seen that 8 out of 10 men active in regular intimacy are happier and find greater mental peace in life. Experts say people having regular sex have a greater life expectancy. It also helps to be better immune and lowers heart rate and blood pressure. Also, it helps you relax and deflect from your daily worries and anxieties. During sex, your body releases endorphins and oxytocin, which create feelings of relaxation and intimacy while also helping to prevent anxiety and depression.

As per the article, it says Indians are the 7th most sexually satisfied in the world. In Duex's survey, it was found that 72% of Indians are seen as sexually satisfied and happy with their sexual life. Where they also seem to acknowledge that their sexual life has gotten better with age.

According to Durex, men's sexual health problems and other factors like satisfaction decline with age, and people who are in good mental and physical health are more likely to be satisfied. Making an effort to improve your sleep hygiene can help you get more sleep every day. As a result, these healthy habits can pave the way for better men's sexual health.

Enhancing good sleep and sexual health, including regular, satisfying sex, can help you feel better and sleep better. Good sleep is very important to get your body relaxed mentally and physically and it plays a vital role in men's sexual health. It's vice versa too, good sex life will help you mentally feel happy which will help you with good sleep too.

Having a strong relationship with family and friends, job security, and loved ones showering affection on you are far more important than expensive vacations and cars. Sex isn't always required, but it can be a necessary piece of a happy, fulfilling relationship. Its importance of it varies from person to person. 

Some people may believe that having a sexual relationship with their partner is absolutely necessary. Others may price different types of affection and connection though.

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