Constipated? Here’s How To Return To Normal Bowel Movement

by Dr. Diksha Tiwari on Feb 01, 2022

Constipated? Here’s How To Return To Normal Bowel Movement

Constipation is not a very comfortable feeling. It feels like you are stuck in the loop of wanting to poop but can’t. Therefore, to “get shit done” you need to take care of everything, from the things you eat to the lifestyle changes you need to make. Taking care of these things would give you the satisfaction you are looking for each morning. But constipation is quite common these days. You might not know but secretly people vex because they haven’t pooped for a few days. Constipation is so common that around 22% of the India population is suffering from it, with 6% of them suffering from constipation associated with some comorbidities. 13% people suffer from severe constipation, which means that they haven’t taken a dump for 4-5 days. Well, “shit happens” , but sometimes when it doesn’t, it becomes a problem! 
Let's see what things would help you to return to your normal bowel movement easily - 

  1. Drinking lots of water - The importance of consuming sufficient amounts of water is not stressed enough. Water, or for that matter natural juices and liquids like lemon water etc, do help in relieving constipation. Drink lots of water and natural juices. Ps- fizzy drinks, wine, or any other kind of bottled carbonated drinks won’t help. 
  1. Fibre helps - Fibre is basically everything you need to keep your digestive system healthy and helps you in having healthy stools. A healthy poop would be pain-free and would require minimal effort, and that would only happen if you eat fibre in sufficient quantities. Raw vegetables, fruits, nuts, and grains are the best foods to consume on a daily basis. 
  1. A keep-fit activity - If you are one of those people who keeps sitting all day at work and then return home and retire early every night, then you might be the one fighting with large, hard-to-pass poop. It is mandatory to have some form of physical movement or exercise every day. If you are not a very big fan of physical activities, just try to walk. Count your steps and try to increase them slowly and you will be relieved of constipation. 
  1. Cut out food that hinders bowel movement - Food items that are low in fibre content, are fatty, fried or devoid of any nutrients should be avoided. Alcohol, fast food, and non-vegetarian foods like fish and eggs are more likely to slow down your bowel movements. You should avoid these completely.
  1.  Herbs for healthy stool - You might just want an easy way of getting that muck out of your system. Well, there actually is an easy way out. Try consuming herbs like Senna Patti, Ginger, Ajwain, Kala Namak etc. These herbs have been found effective in relieving constipation. You only need to take care of the way in which you consume these.

These were some things that would help you in normal bowel movements. But these things take some time and are not likely to show effects until they are made a part of your lifestyle. So what do you do to get instant relief? Well, we have a solution for that too. 

AADAR would help you with that. AADAR is a brand that has taken inspiration from Ayurveda and its age-old method of medication and is also backed by Science, to bring to you the best medicines that would help you in the issues that arise due to lifestyle changes. 

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